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To place an order by phone or if you have any questions call 989-793-4444

By clicking the link below you may register for online ordering with Saginaw Medical Service. (The register link is on the left had side under Login) Once you have completed the registration process we will connect your account with your registration. We will contact you with 24-48 hours to tell you when your account is set up. Thank You.

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Meet Kris


Kris has been with Saginaw Medical Service for over 30 years.  Kris started as a customer service representative who answered calls from many of our  physician customers.  Over the last few years Kris has had the opportunity to get out and meet in person many of those same customers as she has become our #1 sales representative.  You will find Kris experienced, helpful and available – contact her at 989-793-4444 ext. 152 or send her and email.